Welcome on board, dear stomach

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on board. This is the captain speaking. On behalf of the company and the crew, I would like to thank you for flying with us. We just took off from runway zero four right and we shall reach our cruise altitude of 30.000 ft in about 30 minutes. Then we will keep an average speed of 870 km per hour. We will overfly a few cities before landing at destiny and I will let you know for your information. Do not hesitate to ask for whatever you could need to the cabin crew. Of course, you will be able to enjoy our special selection menu ‘a la cartè’. You can check all our offers in our magazine. Just talk with the crew. Thanks for listening”.

Air Berlin invites you "dining with the 'Chef of the year" (January 2014 magazine)

Air Berlin invites you “dining with the ‘Chef of the year” (January 2014 magazine)

This could be the usual message we hear just after the aircraft takes off. The captain introduces himself, he kindly explains us the flight conditions and thanks us for choosing his lovely company, who will bring us a great meal. No matter what your culinary preferences are. You will find everything your stomach -and your brain- may need even above the clouds.

But, what happens if you are not hungry, nor thirsty or you already ate before boarding? It doesn’t matter. What is the most typical situation when you fly alone? You get bored. Keep calm, you don’t have to worry because the chary flight companies will take care of us and will provide all the entertainment we need. We will be able to choose among watching a film, listening different kinds of music and, of course, taking a look to the company magazine. What would we do without it? A free magazine! I don’t understand people spending their money at the airport buying newspapers or books when you can have a free recreation.

An EasyJet's article with advices to have healthy eating habits (January 2014 magazine)

An EasyJet’s article with advices to have healthy eating habits (January 2014 magazine)

When you go through the pages, you realize that most of the reportages and articles talk about restaurants, chefs of the year or different recipes. Besides there is always some kind of article where they try to teach us healthy eating habits -that is a great thing, I agree- although this is not the easiest job to achieve in a plane. Most of the food you can get when you take a look at the menu are chips, chocolates or cupcakes, some sandwich with dressing and salt-coated nuts.

There are interviews as well, but whose main characters are either cooks or the last fashion writer showing its brand new cookbook. It’s in that moment when you are completely lost: no matter if you are not hungry, your body starts to tell you otherwise. Relax, don’t panic. Just make yourself confortable in your seat and get out your table because aircraft meal trolley is coming with all those delicious things!

By the way, I just wanted to blow on that practise because all we know the crew and the company get a part of this cake. I do believe in airline companies and magazine editors agreement to make us eat even in an one hour flight, but I can’t go on.  I’m just trying to decide if I choose 3×2 chocolates offer or the full menu with a drink…

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