‘Requiem for a Mother’ (English version)

The why a mother always find out everything, know everything and can give you the solution for all is still a mistery for us. The mother.  The case is that, although we don’t want to recognize or even we aren’t  aware of it, the mather is the person to whom we turn when something is wrong.  And she is always, although she already knows or  find out or she already knows the reason of our concern, she will give us that solution that only she can.
     There are a lot of dangers  waiting for us. We are little helpless babies and our mothers are the Saint George always ready to fight against the dragons, the fears and the dangers. Our sins or our mistakes don’t matter, even there are a lot of temptations finding us from the darkness. Beyond all of this mess, the solution is always with our mother’s support words, endless listening moments and that hug in the end.
     Besides, there is a moment we can repeat over and over when we find out that, just that hug can save us from the rest of the world. When we became a little child, being protected. How if we hadn’t been protected before that. Then, we hug ourselves and we return to that perfect situation when everything was perfect. There wasn’t problems, nor fear, nor  tears. Everything was soft, warm and quite. When her voice sounded background with an eternal hug.
     If anyone want to discuss me, just think about this: How do you try to forget what is disgusting you, when you are alone in your room, when she isn’t to return you a baby? She’ll always stare at you from hide while you are lied, hugging your knees, hiding from the entire world, looking for the protecting and warm hug. There is not a better position to fight against external threat. We are recomended to do that in the craft before we crash. It would be for a reason.

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